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Mental Health Educational Services

“DaShawn’s presentation to us at Sports Info Solutions was powerful, engaging, and played an important role in breaking down the barriers to conversations around mental health at our company. She did an excellent job tailoring her presentation to our workforce, focusing on things like mental health in remote-working environments and its differences across demographics. We see her as a tremendous resource for facilitating complex conversations around our society’s most challenging topics, and we hope to work with her again!” ~Sergio Santamaria

Area businesses, community organizations and schools can partner with DaShawn to provide mental health presentations, workshops or professional development training opportunities to employees, students and the community at large.


Every presentation is customized to ensure an appropriate fit for the age-group and the audience. DaShawn has developed workshops/seminars/presentations that include a variety of skill building and mental health related topics. She has presented both virtually and in-person on topics such as "Coping With Anxiety and Depression", "Executive Functioning for Success""Taming and Training the Brain for Athletes",Trauma-Informed Support for Educators", "Men and Mental Health" as well as many others.

The provision of these presentations demonstrates an organizations' extraordinary commitment to address the social, emotional and mental health needs of their members, students and/or employees.  And,  with the ever changing needs to help the society at large with social, emotional and relational functioning, it has become necessary to deliver behavioral educational support to the local community.

If you are looking for a practical way to demonstrate support to students or educate and empower the members in your organization, Contact DaShawn at 734-999-0138.

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