Site-Based Counseling Services
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By providing on-site counseling services, businesses and schools can partner with me in the effort to remove barriers and promote access to appropriate mental health support 


In order to promote improved physical health and creative expression, companies and schools have created fitness facilities, added healthy food options in their cafeterias, created game centers and calming rooms. And although many people can access health benefits through insurance providers, the ever changing occupational needs in the state of Michigan and the collective trauma that society has experienced during the past two years, has made it necessary to deliver professional behavioral support in school and/or the workplace.

The provision of an "on-site" therapist demonstrates an organizations' extraordinary commitment to address the social, emotional and mental health needs of their students and/or employees. 

On-site services can include individual counseling; small group counseling; social-emotional skills training; customized large group presentations.

If you are looking for a way to support the individuals in your care as well as differentiate your organization in the marketplace, Contact me to book a Discovery Call TODAY!