Professional School Counseling

As a Professional School Counselor, my focus is in helping students and families make appropriate educational decisions in two areas: 

Postsecondary Planning: With the ever changing occupational needs in the state of Michigan, as well as the variety of college admissions rules, it may be difficult to determine the next step for your student. In addition, the average public and charter school counseling caseload in Michigan is 1 counselor per 650 students. With caseloads that high, many students do not have the opportunity to meet regularly with a counselor to plan for life after high school. Whether your student is planning to go from high-school to career, trade school or college, I will provide a personalized consultation which may include - pathway selection; help navigating admissions processes and accessing funding sources (including financial aid, scholarship applications); guidance regarding college athletics and preparing for admissions tests and interviews.

Student Success: I will personalize a solution for students and parents/guardians to assist with academic/behavior/social issues; concerns related to at-risk behavior; as well as elementary to middle school and middle-school to high-school transitions.